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In the past eight years, I have helped dozens of Tech, SaaS, and Marketing companies boost engagement and increase conversion by employing effective storytelling and content marketing strategies.

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For some clients, my service resulted in more traffic, while for some, it was more email subscription. Yet, for others, it is keyword ranking.

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5 Ways to Boost Your B2B SaaS Content Marketing

Page Experience for Desktop: Your Preparation Guide

The article still ranks on Google’s first page for the keywords, “Page Experience for Desktop.”

How Time Batching Helps Improve Your Productivity — and How to Do It Effectively

Maximizing local SEO: Five tactics to enhance visibility without breaking the bank

SaaS Landing Page Optimization: 5 Hacks To Get More Conversions

Email Marketing in 2020: Four Key Things That Made the Difference

         This article got more than 53,000 shares!

Client stories

Moeez B.

– Digital Marketer

“Toby’s the best content writer that I know personally. If you are looking for quality, he is the man. Not just that he provides quality work, he will also get that done in the deadline. I endorse Toby for content writing. Cheers”

Jonthan Kelly

Natural Link Acquisition Specialist- 1st on the List

“When I need reliable, quality and professional writing, I know I can rely on Toby’s services. I have been doing SEO and digital marketing for over 16 years and working with Toby has provided me peace of mind when I need content. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Vivek Pahwa – CEO, Price Raja

The quality of writing, the quality of communication, the response time, quick turnaround, and overall professionalism are what we value. To anybody who is on the fence about doing business with Toby, we say, definitely go for it!

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