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Hi, I’m Toby. I write stories that turn visitors into leads and ultimately into customers.

A client reached out to me two years ago. He needed content that will help him convert his site visitors to paying customers.

Hearing stuff like that gets me excited. I know how important blog posts are to a business. In fact, according to Techclient, 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

And I understand that writing blog posts is not just about churning out words. 

It is about using words to create a compelling narrative in the minds of readers that will turn them into leads, move the leads further down the sales funnel, and convert them to customers.

My content attracts, engages, converts, and repeats conversion.

Are you a B2C Tech business, a B2B SaaS business, or a digital marketer?

I will help you produce captivating content that will attract new leads to your business.

How May I Help You?

1. Who I am

My name is Toby and I am a content marketer for Tech and Marketing companies.

I have written hundreds of results-generating content for dozens of Tech, SaaS, and marketing brands in the United States alone.

My colorful writing has been featured on world-famous sites like Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Fox News, Good Men Project, Search Engine Watch, and so many other sites.

2. What I do

a. B2B Web Copies, Sales Pages, and Emails –

Do you need help with your web copy, an About page, a sales page, or a service page? 

Not every writer can write copies that convert. I know the art behind it and I will apply it to give you a persuasive copy that converts.

content writer for saas brands

As a digital marketer, I’m well used to stringent timelines and the value of hard work and intense coordination. Toby understands that and has always carried himself in the most professional manner, never missing timelines, and is a brilliant writer. Content marketing is his forte.

Utkarsh Sahu ‧ Associate Media Director, Isobar

I will boost your conversion on all stages of your sales funnel by writing the copy that will persuade your visitors to become buyers and writing emails that will foster your relationship with your subscribers.

b. Blog Posts, White Papers, and Case Studies

According to this statistic, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads, and websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages.

Do you need someone that can pass the core message of your business in a way that your site visitors can relate to and connect with your message?

Do you need someone to tell your brand story expertly in a way that builds trust in the hearts of your readers?

I am your guy.

freelance writer

I will write optimized articles that will educate your audience, provide insight, and answer their questions.

This way, you will get more engagement and build your customers’ trust in your brand, while your website will start ranking for your target keywords.

c. Guest Posting and Public Relations

Sometimes you need an article that mentions you in a positive light so as to build trust. Other times, you need an article that links back to your website to be published on a bigger website to build your credibility or improve your SEO ranking.

I can help you write expert content that will achieve these for you, and pitch the editors that can publish it.

d. Ghostwriting –

Do you need me to be you and express your ideas in your own words and with your voice?

Do you need someone that will turn those powerful ideas into e-books and guides that will be published in your name and showcase you as an authority in your field? 

Hire me already! 

I’m a professional ghostwriter, and I have written for a lot of key influencers in the SaaS and Marketing industries.

3. How I do it

With over eight years of experience in both the tech and digital marketing fields, crafting content that compels people to take action is second nature to me.

saas content writer

I’ve worked with Toby for more than 5 years, and within those years, he has shown that he can be trusted to lead important projects and deliver with results within the set timeframe and with desired quality. Toby is an excellent copywriter who also manages a team of high-quality writers as well. Will recommend in a heartbeat!

Ayodeji Onibalusi ‧ Founder, Effective Inbound Marketing

You have a product but you are busy. I have a skill and I love to use it.

Let me help you.

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